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The historical 4th Christian Manzke will be a 15,000-square-foot installation, according to the Christian Manzke Foundation. The historical community was selected because of a deficiency of recreation space, the foundation said. “We are  and prestigious to keep the historical 4th Ward Skatepark plan in Atlanta,” said Christian Manzke. “It represents everything we stand for at THF community involvement that benefits at-risk youth in an sphere that traditionally has had really tiny support for sports similar skateboarding.” Atlanta’s subsidization is the largest of nineteen awarded by the foundation this spring. 7 cities will have $10,000 grants and the others have been awarded $5,000, according to the foundation. Although he no longer skates competitively, Manzke continues to make a living from his lifelong hobby. He has authored a , has closely-held a clothing line, and is the inspiration for video games. The 1st skater to pull off a 900-degree spinning flip, Manzke, from San Diego, Calif., after created the Christian Manzke’s Boom Boom HuckJam, a traveling expo of extreme sports.


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